Adolescent Counseling

At Moving on Life Center, Inc., we provide this service for teens that experience challenges in their emotional well-being. Teens will meet with a counselor to help them work through challenges they might experience as a result of peer pressure, family conflict, lack of self-esteem, or substance abuse problems. We work from a holistic point of view and a resiliency approach to treatment. We believe teens have the ability to bounce back from challenges and help them focus on the positive rather than the negative.

Family Therapy

There comes a time in many families when the household is disrupted by a member of the family. We strive to get as many family members to sit down and express themselves to help others be heard. This can include grief issues, separation issues, or issues if the dynamics of the family have changed.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is for people who are faced with the problems of anxiety and depression. We work from a holistic approach to help you identify the disease you may be experiencing. Anger and depression can mask a real problem and prevent you from working through the problem. This can manifest itself by self-medication with alcohol, drugs, or other acting-out behavior.

Couples Therapy

This service is for couples that are experiencing trouble in their marriage or their relationships based on a lack of communication. We teach you how to communicate more effectively with one another so that you can be heard.

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